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TrustCommerce website refresh responsive

As a leader in the Electronic Payment and Risk Management industry, TrustCommerce provides a comprehensive suite of payment acceptance/processing solutions for both card present and card, not present environments. With a focus on assisting partners and clients with reducing their PCI scope, they deliver this and more for clients throughout the United States; from small start-ups to large Fortune 500 companies. TrustCommerce is a proud US-based company that safeguards merchant/customer relationships by providing privacy, speed, and security; all of which occurs onshore. Continuing to innovate, push limits, and deliver the best results are the staples of how TrustCommerce operates. As a way to promote their forward-thinking nature by ensuring their market leader position is being accurately represented, TrustCommerce decided it was time to revive their external brand. A long-term strategic partner, 3Block Digital was trusted with the important task of breathing new life into their brand.

Refreshing the Brand

As a long-standing client of 3Block Digital, TrustCommerce understands how 3Block Digital’s recommendations and decisions are backed by quantitative and qualitative data. For TrustCommerce’s most recent initiative to revitalize their website, 3Block Digital set out to plan a series of effective strategies and fully integrated marketing tactics for maximum impact.

The final work products were as follows:

  • Mobile Responsive, WordPress Website
  • Infographic Design and Icon Creation for WordPress Website
  • Marketing Automation Integration with Hubspot
  • CRM Integration with Salesforce
  • Social Branding

3Block Digital’s first challenge was to completely redesign the TrustCommerce website. Since the website is one of the most important aspects in establishing a revitalized brand identity, 3Block Digital ensured that the new website would reflect, enhance, and showcase customized functionality for TrustCommerce’s tech-savvy audience. The website redesign also satisfied the growing importance of mobile-friendly interfaces that Google incorporated into their search algorithm in April 2016. Since launching the website in May 2016, TrustCommerce has since experienced an 80% increase in mobile sessions year-over-year. 3Block Digital collaborated with the TrustCommerce team throughout the design process. This ensured that the fresh interpretation of the overall design, infographics, icons, updated logo were still an accurate reflection of the long-standing brand that would best resonate with their target audiences.

Revitalizing their brand has helped TrustCommerce to better position themselves for the digital world of payments. With a new, modern, and navigation-friendly interface, the upgraded UX Design of the WordPress website elevates the brand experience to match the quality synonymous with TrustCommerce’s products and services. Strategic content organization and UX analysis aided in managing the user experience and emphasizing the key differentiators found in TrustCommerce’s options for payment methods, products, and integration paths. Today, the TrustCommerce website clearly represents the company with a thoughtful and creative design that appeals to multiple audiences. Understanding the importance of improving usability, accessibility to cultivate a seamless user interaction laid the foundation for increasing user acquisition rates.

Leveraging the Brand Family

All additional online marketing assets extended the brand by leveraging a unified color palette, consistent typography, organized hierarchy of information, and clear messaging to generate a consistent look and feel down to the finest detail. The final work products hold true to a refined integrated marketing strategy. As a way to leverage the newly revived website, 3Block Digital worked with TrustCommerce to setup, integrate, and optimize their existing marketing automation platform. By creating and implementing the setup of forms, branded email marketing, branded landing pages, and updated workflows; 3Block Digital ensured the updated marketing automation infrastructure seamlessly integrated for consistency across all aspects of their online presence.

TrustCommerce’s brand revival aligns with what the company represents today while reflecting their values and dedication to protecting payments. Their new brand simply paves the way for them to continue to evolve and thrive as their industry moves forward. Seeing a significant increase in client and qualified prospect requests for payment products and services highlights 3Block Digital’s success in refreshing the TrustCommerce overall brand and integrated marketing strategy.

> Click here to view the new TrustCommerce Website.
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